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3 Engaging Video Formats Your Members Love (Use These!)

By Noah Cote

April 13, 2023

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87% of marketers surveyed report video making a direct, positive impact on sales. 93% of brands said they landed new customers from posting a video on social media. 96% say videos have helped increase user understanding of their product or service. 

Forget waiting for your quarterly magazine or annual event to introduce yourself. Video puts you right in their pockets, their tablets, their computer screens, whether they’re looking for you on your website, or looking for anything on social media. The best part is, it’s got an incredibly low barrier for entry (you can start with your phone!), but the sky’s the limit on its ability to connect you to your audience…

TIA used video to help boost their event registration 50%. MHI, ISRI and SME are starring in a documentary series that’s been picked up by Amazon and Tubi. Associations everywhere are using a few popular video formats to raise awareness, boost engagement and create conversions. 

So whether you’re about to begin your video journey, or you’re ready to ramp up your output, here’s our top three brand boosters you must try.

1. Member Profiles

Associations exist to serve their members, and it’s a happy accident that the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way to introduce people to your brand is by celebrating your membership. Reach out to one of your more active followers, put them in front of a camera – could be their phone or laptop – and have them tell their story. You get an engaging bit of human interest that will usually double as a glowing testimonial ?. 

Click here to check out an example from American Rental Association.

2. Microlearning

These are usually 3-minute educational stories about something as big as an industry or as broad as an idea. As an association, you have proprietary info that your members are crying out for – isn’t education why they signed up in the first place? Give them what they want in an entertaining and user-friendly way, with a microlearning video. 

Depending on your budget, these can be as high concept as a two minute, fully animated story about preventing and handling theft. Or, they could be as simple as a webinar you recorded and chopped into a 60-second key point form to post on social media describing what it takes for a young person to make it in the finance industry.

The key here is making sure they are written, shot and produced to best showcase your brand. Tone, language, imagery – these things make up the look and feel that will stick in your audience’s brain! (or put them to sleep.)

3. Explainer

Nearly 60% of people surveyed say video is important to help them learn how to do things they’ve never done before. 1 in 5 say it’s critical to helping them understand world events. Explainer videos are classics that have gone viral for teaching people about service, and changed lives by explaining why a subject matters.

You have a whole host of incredible thought leaders in your membership. Whether they’re master craftspeople, expert scientists or passionate professionals in any field, they’re an excellent resource to help break down essential how-to’s or complex concepts.

The best video to help build your brand is one that shows off the qualities you’re passionate about as an association. We hope this list helped spark some actionable ideas, and wish you the best of luck on your content journey.