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ASAE MMCC 2020: The New Norm - Hybrid and Virtual Conferences

April 29, 2020

Dan Stevens presents at Virtual MMCC 2020: We’ve entered a new normal, where either budget constraints or fear will impact in-person event attendance. To protect revenues and deliver on your association’s mission, you will be turning to hybridized and virtual conference models. Every situation is unique, but a sound decision-making framework can help you decide when to go virtual, how much to convert, and where to distribute the content so it best satisfies your members, exhibitors, speakers, sponsors, and partners.

Now is the time for associations to have a digital strategy for their meetings and events. In this presentation, we walk you through the decision-making framework and show you how a hybridized model (with a virtual back-up plan) can serve all stakeholders – increasing revenue, as well as member, sponsor, and exhibitor value.