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Buzzworthy LIVE Episode 3: Balancing Innovation with Governance to Meet Member Expectations

June 5, 2024

In this episode, your host Marcus Leite will sit down with special guest Tom Morrison, CEO of MTI, to discuss finding the right balance between innovation and governance in order to meet member expectations.

They’ll explore the challenges associations face in adapting to the ever-changing landscape, where members have access to numerous competing resources and digital options to meet their needs. This can potentially put an association’s value proposition at risk.

Tune in to gain insights and ideas on how to empower your association and continue delivering value that meets or exceeds your members’ evolving expectations.

This show is best for: 

Association leadership and staff.

Things you’ll learn: 

  • Understanding on how to meet your members’ needs in the digital age.
  • Find the correct balance between innovation and governance to provide member value.
  • Develop winning strategies and rally stakeholder support.

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