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Buzzworthy LIVE: How Maximizing Monetization Turns Engagement Into Revenue Streams

September 14, 2023

Join us to learn how you can empower your association for sustainable growth by earning new non-dues revenue on digital engagement.

This show is best for: 

  • Association leadership and staff

Join us for this episode of Buzzworthy LIVE, where your host Kristy Devantier will sit down with special guests, Tamara Perry-Lunardo, director, partner development, Naylor Association Solutions and our very own account manager Jillana Scharfenberg. They’ll discuss monetization, offer you real-world examples of associations using it to build financial sustainability, and practical takeaways to get started. 

Things you’ll learn: 

  • How associations are generating non-dues revenue from engaging digital content.
  • Real-life examples of common monetization challenges and success stories.
  • First steps to build your own monetization and engagement strategy.

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