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Introducing Jobs of Tomorrow Docuseries for Associations

August 18, 2022

Why a docuseries for your association? In developing and executing our association-centric docuseries model, we’ve shown docuseries are:

  • A binge-worthy content source that informs, educates and inspires your membership.
  • A proven marketing model that introduces you to a massive new audience through television and on-demand platform distribution.
  • A turnkey program that self-funds, wows sponsors and maximizes non-dues revenue.

Ready to see it in action? Introducing Jobs of Tomorrow This series highlights different jobs across industries, examining how they have changed and will continue to change. Together we will reflect on our past, celebrate victories and look with optimism toward the almost unrecognizable future of work. Jobs of Tomorrow is our 24-episode docuseries designed for associations that:

  • Educates, informs and inspires your membership
  • Puts your eye-grabbing content in front of a massive new audience
  • Drives fresh graduates and young professionals to your industry’
  • Positions your association as the leader in your industry

Best of all? Jobs of Tomorrow can earn you $90,000+ in non-dues revenue. Get in touch with us to see how you can star in your own docuseries today.