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Buzzworthy LIVE Episode 3: Balancing Innovation with Governance to Meet Member Expectations

In this episode, your host Marcus Leite will sit down with special guest Dana Otillio, vice president, marketing and communications, Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) to talk all things "member value."They’ll discuss the transformative power of doing a few things consistently, why an association professional must take risks, and why the dirtiest word in our industry should really be an industry standard.

How to Reliably Increase Member Engagement Year-over-year [Checklist]

“How do we increase member engagement for our association?” “How do we help our members keep up with workforce development?” “How do we reach the next generation of members?” In today’s rapidly evolving workforce, association leaders across virtually every industry and profession are asking these crucial questions. The answers are found among the services and tools your members already engage with every day. Here's how to find them.